• Euromeeting 2014


Invitation Euromeeting 2014

Dear fellow tabler,

We are delighted to invite you and your partner to join the Euromeeting 2014 in Almelo, the Netherlands. The Euromeeting is planned to happen from 29 May till 1 June 2014.

In Almelo we will offer you the best from our town and the Twente area in which Almelo is located. A variety of activities, nice spots and the best of food and drinks will be the common thread in the program. Like the key facet of the Round Table organisation ADAPT, ADOPT, IMPROVE, the Euromeeting 2014 will respect this common mission statement.

In this invitation we will outline the program a bit more as it also was presented in Hönefoss last May.


If you like our Euromeeting 2014 Facebook page you will be updated with all kind of information frequently.



theater-hotel-almeloMost guests will probably arrive at Schiphol airport, there will be a direct train connection from Schiphol to Almelo (train with final destination Enschede) or will arrive by car. Almelo is close to the A1 highway in the eastern of the Netherlands.

Warm welcome of all guests Almelo style, registration and first introduction with the host families is at the Theaterhotel in Almelo. For itinerary see www.theaterhotel.nl. For those who prefer to sleep at a hotel, the Theaterhotel is a very convenient place and offers a special price for the Euromeeting. If you would like to book the Theaterhotel, you can refer to the Euromeeting and Mr. Jan Jaap Hammink.

After the registration all guest will be transported to the host families for the homeparties with typical Twentse hospitality.


The organisation already prepared the program as you notices and we are very happy to invite you and your partner to join the Euromeeting 2014 in Almelo. We emphasize on a high quality program so we can meet in a real Round Table way.

The costs of the Euromeeting 2014 will be EUR 400,00 per person for early birds (till 28 February), from 1 March 2014 it will be EUR 450,00 per person.

For more information or for questions, the email address of the Round Table 38 Almelo is euromeeting@rt38.nl.
President of the Euromeeting 2014 Almelo is Jeffrey Hinnen, jhinnen4@kpnmail.nl / +31627169810

We are looking forward to welcome you in Almelo from 29 May till 1 June 2014 and hope all countries will attend. For all tablers never joined a Euromeeting before, Almelo may be your first Euromeeting experience followed with the Euromeeting virus.


Round table 38 Almelo is very active in fund raising for children in the Almelo area. The biggest event every year is the child festival in the Stadium of Heracles Almelo football club. With these funds, RT38 is able to support various projects related to children and make a difference for those in need.